The feet are used to to be the big forgotten to the hour to take care our Health.
You knew that:
· We walk around 10.000 daily steps... Dare to multiply it by every day of your life
· On our feet download the double of our weight when walking (and until four times more if we run)
In 3DENT& SALUT think that is fundamental the care of our “more wanted” pair.
Of his good state depend, besides, other directly related structures with the sustento of our body, like the knees, the hips and the column, by what is indispensable that have the in good condition feet.
On the other hand, they exist different types of nails depending of the thickness and of the form and these go varying over time and according to the genetics of each person and of his activities and habits.
The hygiene, the physical activity or the type of footwear can affect to our type of nail. Through the quiropodia makes a cut and strawberry of nails terapeútico to avert the inflammation and possible infections. 

In round-up, our squad can make the following functions:
  • Elimination of callosidades and alterations dermatológicas and nails 
  • Treatment toes in harp by means of órtesis of silicone
  • Treatment of warts planted
  • Treatment of funguses in nail and skin
  • Treatment of nail nailed
  • Personalised staff
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