In occasions the belief to associate to the fisioterapeuta only to the aim of descontracturar ours maltrechas backs, has done us have a really limited vision of this discipline.
Only when we live in first person circumstances that oblige us to research, darse of, until which point a fisioterapeuta can help us.
In 3Dent&Salut try to spread of a simple and didactic way the necessary information to help you to face those pathologies and ailments that interrupt your daily life.
In continuous formation, the squad of 3Dent&Salut help you in front of the following conditions:
  • Pathology muscle-skeletal
  • Therapy pre and post-childbirth
  • Disfuncion atm
  • Manual therapy
  • Rehabilitation post-surgical
  • Increase in the autonomia of the main adult

The paramount for us is that you arrive to your state of health wished the before possible.
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