Services 3dent&Salut

In 3Dent&Salut are focused to the welfare of the people. In our multidisciplinary centre give support to our patients, no only in the dental field, but also to all person that look for welfare and health so that like this they attain his aims.
Radiología Dental
In the department of radiology odontológica of 3Dent&Salut work with an ORTOSCAN GXDP-800 with which make our explorations....
In occasions the belief to associate to the fisioterapeuta only to the aim of descontracturar ours maltrechas backs, has done us have a vision really...
The feet are used to to be the big forgotten to the hour to take care our Health.
The logopedia is a discipline that engloba the studio, the prevention, evaluation, diagnostic and treatment of the pathologies of the language (so much oral like writing)...
Every time we are more demanding with our daily life. The work, the family, the follow-up of the social nets, are factors that sometimes “in negative”, and others in... - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat