The logopedia is a discipline that engloba the studio, the prevention, evaluation, diagnostic and treatment of the pathologies of the language (so much oral like writing) manifested through disorders of the voice, of the speech, of the communication and the functions orofaciales.
In 3Dent&Salut think that is fundamental that you and your family can communicate you with the surroundings of an optimum way.
In occasions, a disorder during the development of the minor, or a vascular accident in the life adult (an ictus, or a spill cerebral...),they could affect the speech or the writing.

It is indispensable to correct this alteration the before possible.
In continuous formation, the squad of 3Dent&Salut help you in front of the following conditions:
  • Disorders of the speech (dislalia, disglosia, disfemia, disartria,aphasia)
  • Problems of attention, memory and cognitive functions of the old age
  • Problems of lectoescritura (dyslexia, disgrafia, disortografia)
  • TEL (Disorder specify of the language)
  • Therapy miofuncional
  • Delay in the speech
  • Disfagia

Visit us so that we can help you to surpass this difficult stage.
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